David Tress

Landscape: Structure and Expression

Tuesday 25th – Thursday 27th July
Fee: £370

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In this three day course David will be focussing on two elements of landscape painting which are fundamental to his work as a painter, and which can be summarised as structure and expression.  As a student he says he was lucky enough to be taught the essential building blocks of representational painting – tone and colour relationships, space and perspective, form and mass – all things that allow the development of a sense of space, light and atmosphere in landscape painting.  In addition to this, and over many years of looking at and painting landscape, he has come to increasingly value an expressive, emotional and spiritual response to landscape.  How it may be possible to involve such things in making paintings about landscape is part of the exploration that this course encourages.

Each of the three days will include time spent drawing outside in the landscape, work in the studio, demonstrations by David and discussions.  Emphasis will be put on working with acrylic and collage, and also mixed water based media including water colour, gouache and ink.