Lewis Noble

Landscape Painting

Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th June
Fee: £310

Lewis' Website

Lewis has built a reputation as one of central England’s foremost artists, whose focus lies in the physical and emotional impact of the landscape on the senses.

In this course students will be drawing and painting direct from the landscape. When approaching painting, it is very helpful to have a clear working method that stimulates your creativity and allows you to produce exciting work.  Lewis will focus on generating an open attitude towards your work rather than any specific technique.  This course will help you to remove the preciousness that can so often stifle paintings and allow you to see new possibilities in your work.

Energy and a sense of freedom is what Lewis is after, allowing the spontaneity of the marks to be interesting in their own right. He wants students to achieve a collection of exciting, vigorous drawings that capture the atmosphere and become more than a representation of the place. This leads to a collection of sketches that are used to inform the paintings.

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